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2016 Midyear Convention at NKTI

The 2016 Midyear Convention of the Philippine College of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons will be on 28th August 2016 to be held at the Enrique Ona Auditorium of the National Kidney Institute.

The Midyear’s Theme for this year is Surgical Management of the Geriatric Patient

Scheduled lectures are:
Lecture 1: Dealing with Elderly Patients in the Dental Practice – Dr. Dario Reyes
Lecture 2: Pre-Surgical considerations in Geriatric Patients – Dr. Imelda Caole-Ang
Lecture 3: A Heart to Heart Discussion on CVD and Minor Oral Surgery – Dr. Jay Hansel Tabije
Lecture 4: Pre-prosthetic Surgery in Geriatric Patients – Dr. Ida Inductivo-Balanag
Lecture 5: Dental Implants in the Fully Edentulous Mandible – Prof. Rajapas Panichuttra
Lecture 6: Pharmacologic Considerations in the Elderly Patient: a Beneficial Risk – Dr. Ann Vanessa Florento
Lecture 7: Management of Fractures in the Atrophic Mandible – Dr. Joven Javier

Course Fee: 1,000php

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IMG_1156Since last  year  the  organizing  committee  for  the  2016  Asian  Congress  on  Oral  and  Maxillofacial Surgery  has  been busy  going  around  the  region  and  the  world  promoting  the said  congress.    A  lot  of enthusiastic  participants  from  around  the  globe  have  signified  their  intention  to  see  our beautiful  country  and learn  updates,  trends  and  technological  advancement  in  the  field  of  oral  and  maxillofacial surgery.

Among  the  featured  lecturers  coming  to  Manila  is  world  renowned  author,  educator  and  clinician  Prof. Daniel  Laskin.    Prof  Laskin  is  a  honorary  fellow  of  the  Philippine  College  of  Oral  and  Maxillofacial Surgeons  who  has  previously  lectured  in  the  country  during  the  50th  anniversary  of  the  college coinciding  with  the  national  conference  of    that  year.    Dr.  Laskin  together  with  other  experts  will  be  leading  the  scientific  sessions  of the  12th  ACOMS.      “What  the  delegates  could expect  for  this  congress  is  the  same  expertise  that  all  ACOMS  congress  lecturers  have  provided but  with  a  touch  of  Filipino  Culture”,  Dr. Andy  Fernandez the  Local  Organizing  Chair  said.

Aside  from  the three day scientific  lectures, a four  (4)  pre-congress seminar was organized,  which features a lecture-workshop  on  Cranio- maxillofacial  trauma  management,  on research  and  a  session  on  implant  dentistry.   “The  12th  ACOMS  prepared  a  roster  of  activities  that  suit  the  need  of  every  participant,  not  only  in the  pursuit  of  knowledge  but  also  in  building  friendship  amongst  different OMS groups in the Asian region.    Aside  from  the scientific  program  of  the  congress  the  trade  exhibits  aim  to  present  the  latest  advances  in  the    field of  science  and  technology”  Dr.  Mario Esquillo the President  of  the  Asian  Association  of  Oral  and  Maxillofacial Surgeons.

For  more  information  on  the  congress  please  visit  or  ask  a  PCOMS  fellow.

“Truly  ACOMS  is  more  fun  in  the  Philippines”